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A-Z Learning Space Where Women and Girls can earn Digital Skills, Education, and Entrepreneurship.

We are committed to building a world where no girl child is left behind,
where everyone has the opportunity to learn, create and contribute.
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The Largest Digital Education Space for Nigerian Girls


The WRAPA Learning Management System, is designed with the aspiration to facilitate and enable women and girls to continue academic learning (particularly for girls), vocational and life skills with a value chain of limitless time enabling learning well in all circumstances.
The WRAPA LMS is built for a robust learning experience that feels like a classroom experience, offering the traditional classroom characteristics of instructor-student interaction, Q&As, discussion, games, collaborative projects, certification courses, quizzes, etc.). At the comfort of using different mediums of access and feedback either online or through a device (e.g. a laptop, desktop, tablet or mobile phones of various capacities). 
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Gender specific and interactive online service.

To create a gender specific and integrated set of interactive online services that builds at scale, a community of women and girls, other learners and facilitators with information, tools and resources to support the delivery and management of online and audio teaching, learning activities and skills acquisition. 

To fill learning gaps in life skills Mental Health & Psychosocial Supports

To fill learning gaps in life skills and MHPSS of women as well as mitigate academic regression of girls during the COVID-19 lockdown or crisis and other situations.

To give all round support to women and girls.

To build a virtual community of support and learning for vulnerable women and girls & build their resilience to speak up & be involved in all spheres of National Development

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