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Developing the next Generation of Business and Career Leaders

Committed to building a world where no girl child is left behind,
where everyone has the opportunity to learn, create and contribute.
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About G-ilmi

Women as a group in Nigeria, suffer series of deprivation, discrimination and degrading practices in their private and public life.

They are victims and survivors of different forms and expressions of injustices and are grossly underrepresented in decision making structures. Their capacity to access and own primary resources is limited by unequal opportunities in education, employment and violence leading to poor self-esteem.
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In Nigeria, every woman has the right to education and leadership.

The issues that young girls encounter in their communities can best be addressed, in Gilmi's opinion, by education. We support their efforts and collective ability to effect change, hold leaders responsible, and equip girls with the resources they need to be their own best advocates.

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