Mental Health In a Girl Child (English)

We live in a world where mental health issues are becoming a norm. 
According to a January 2022 report by The Vanguard, the House of Representatives has said that 3 out of every 10 Nigerians have one form of mental illness or another. This statistics has necessitated this course to help young girls understand and work on possible mental health issues that may arise.

A Snippet of the Course

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What's included?

  • 10 Chapters
  •  48 Videos
  • 1 Certification

Key notes!

After taking this course, learners should have proper understanding of the following:
  • All necessary information on drugs and substance abuse.
  • Depression; its causes and how to overcome the issues.
  • Peer pressure and its influence on the mental health on the girl child.

Unique Learning Paths

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Course Lessons


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