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A future where every girl may learn and lead is what Gilmi is aiming to create.

Nigeria accounts for 45% of all out-of-school children in West Africa,
with over 10 million out-of-school children.

About Gilmi

Women as a group in Nigeria, suffer a series of deprivation, discrimination and degrading practices in their private and public life. 
They are victims and survivors of different forms and expressions of injustices and are grossly underrepresented in decision making structures. Their capacity to access and own primary resources is limited by unequal opportunities in education, employment and violence leading to poor self-esteem.

Who we are

Women’s full enjoyment of human dignity, enhanced access to justice, and re dress for violations of women’s rights.
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How We Work

Actualizing the legal rights of women, in private and public through mobilization, sensitization and the provision of legal and support services.

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